Ag Mags

The Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom Ag Mags are 4-page, colorful magazines for kids. They contain information about agriculture, bright pictures, classroom activities and agricultural careers. Ag Mags come in classroom packs of 30 and are free to all Illinois teachers! Contact our county Ag Literacy Coordinator, Cara Kniss or the Bureau County Farm Bureau office to order yours today!
Also, you can always access the online version of all Ag Mags at

Educational Kits

Kits are available to check out, free of charge, for teachers who teach students K through 12.  To look at further information about these kits, click on the following document.

Ag Kits Available.16.pdf Ag Kits Available.16.pdf
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Want to learn more about classroom activities?

Check out the monthly teacher newsletters

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If you are interested in incorporating ag into your classroom be sure to contact Bureau County Ag Literacy Coordinator, Gracelynn Dale.