Photo- L—R: The Brummel family, including, Rachel, Tommy, Richard, Megan, Marcus and Ken Brummel. Kent Bickett, far right presented the award, representing the Bureau County Farm Bureau Board of Directors.

Bureau County AgVocate Award Winner Named

 At July's Beef and Ag Days in Princeton, the Bureau County Farm Bureau awarded the second annual Bureau County AgVocate Award.


This award provides an opportunity for Bureau County Farm Bureau to recognize families and/or individuals who have made an impact on Bureau County agriculture through leadership and service.


To qualify, a nominee should be a Farm Bureau member who has demonstrated leadership and service within the community. Nominees must have provided service to agriculture but may come from disciplines that serve other areas in addition to agriculture, such as education, research, public relations, agribusiness, public affairs and other areas.  Such individuals should also have a history of giving time and/or resources to promote the aims, programs and services of Bureau County agricultural organizations.


The selection for this year’s Bureau County AgVocate Award is Ken Brummel and Family. The Farm Bureau Board of Directors chose the Brummel family because they certainly meet and exceed all of the qualifications required to be considered for the Bureau County AgVocate Award through their leadership and community service to the agriculture community and well beyond.  It has been recognized that the Brummel family views their support of agriculture and their community as just a normal part of life.  The Farm Bureau directors see this dedication as an example of true value to the community, to the family farm and to agriculture.


Ken Brummel began his Farm Bureau career as a Kendall County Member.  In 1991 he joined the Bureau County Farm Bureau after moving to the area.  He served on the State Young Leader Committee from 1992-1996, acting as chair from 1995-1996.  Ken was also a Bureau County Farm Bureau director from 1994-1995 & 2001-2003.  Kay Brummel served as a member of the Bureau County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee.  Both Ken and Kay have been very active in local programs of the Bureau County Farm Bureau.  Farm Bureau service has certainly run in the family, their son Richard currently serves on the Bureau County Farm Bureau board as a District 2 Director.  Recently Ken and his family offered a scholarship to two Bureau Valley teachers planning to attend the week-long Summer Ag Institute for educators supported by Farm Bureau.  During this course, teachers received free tools and resources and participated in hands-on activities about agriculture and the environment.  Graduates of the program will be better able to integrate these lessons into existing classroom curriculum.


The Brummel family, over the years, have been great supporters not only to agriculture, but of the community in which they live. Ken and his son Richard are part of the local EMT Rescue Unit; Kay has been involved with school education committees; and the family has supported the Bureau Valley high school FFA program. Finally, Ken, Kay and the entire family have organized a community fundraiser for the past 11 years. Each year this program raises money to help a local family in need.


Ken and his wife Kay have five children and one grandchild. Richard (Megan) Brummel, Laura Brummel, Susan Brummel, Rachel Brummel and Tommy Brummel. Congratulations and thank you to Ken Brummel and Family, recipient of the 2nd Annual Bureau County AgVocate Award.