The Bureau County Farm Bureau Foundation was established in 1991 by members of the Bureau County Farm Bureau. The mission of the Farm Bureau Foundation is “To carry out charitable, scientific, literary and educational work that benefits Bureau County farm families and agriculture.”

The Foundation supports agricultural programs aimed at:

SCHOLARSHIP: To provide for persons studying agriculture and agriculture-related fields including but not limited to education, vet medicine, and leadership development.

EDUCATION: To encourage, promote and fund the design, development, and distribution of educational and instructional materials, programs and seminars to provide improved instruction about agriculture, horticulture and their related fields including but not limited to programs for students and young adults such as FFA, ALOT, and Ag in the Classroom.

LEADERSHIP: To provide, fund or conduct seminars and schools for educational and scientific leadership purposed in the field of agriculture and its related disciplines.

RESEARCH: To encourage, promote and fund education and research designed to improve agriculture.

How can you help?

Anyone can contribute to the Bureau County Farm Bureau Foundation. By becoming a partner with the Bureau County Farm Bureau Foundation, your tax-deductible contribution will directly fund agriculture education projects.

The Foundation will accept charitable contributions of money, property, and securities. Special memorials and endowments will also be accepted allowing for the establishment of ongoing programs in the memory of a family member or other loved one while at the same time providing for needed and worthwhile programs.

The Foundation is administered by the Bureau County Farm Bureau Foundation Board of Directors. The Foundation directors are appointed by the Bureau County Farm Bureau.

Check out our Annual Report for the Annual Report- 2020

County Farm Bureau® Foundation Scholarship Offered

The Bureau County Farm Bureau Foundation is pleased to announce that they are offering scholarships to area students majoring in agriculture. Over the last twenty-five years, the Foundation has awarded $98,250 to deserving college students. Last year alone the Foundation distributed $7,000 to area students.

In addition to the scholarship program, the Foundation also helps local teachers with agricultural classroom programs. As well as help fund a Summer Ag Institute for teachers. The Summer Ag Institute teaches teachers about agriculture and how they can incorporate agriculture into their lesson plans for their classroom.

To be eligible for the scholarships, students must be a Bureau County Farm Bureau member or a dependent of a Bureau County Farm Bureau member and must be pursuing a degree in an agricultural related field.

Applications are available in the link below.

Applications must be returned by email or postmarked by February 26, 2021. If the application will be hand-delivered to the office, it must be in the office by 4:00 p.m., February 26, 2021. For more information or to receive an application contact the Bureau County Farm Bureau at (815) 875-6468.

Agricultural Scholarships are open to any Bureau County Farm Bureau member or dependent majoring in an agricultural related field at a Jr. College, Trade School, College or University.

Bureau County Farm Bureau Agricultural Scholarship is found by clicking the following link.  Application Fillable-20-21

IAA Foundation Scholarships

(Illinois Farm Bureau)

To be eligible for these scholarships, applicants must be listed as a dependent of an Illinois Farm Bureau member and meet the requirements listed on the website.

Be sure to check out the available scholarships through the IAA Foundation Scholarship Program at