Farm Bureau Shares the Harvest

Each year 1 American farmer feeds 155 people. In recognition of their hard work, the Women’s Committee and the Young Leader Committee donated enough food to feed 155 people! Happy Thanksgiving, we are thankful for the farmers who feed us!

This donation which consisted of 13 complete Thanksgiving Meals.  13 Turkeys, 26 cans of sweet potatoes, 26 cans of cranberry sauce, 13 boxes of instant potatoes, 13 packages of stuffing, 26 cans of green beans, 13 packages of rolls, 26 jars of apple sauce, 13 boxes of cake mix and 13 cans of frosting took place on Tuesday, November 5th at the food pantry in Walnut.

Pictured Left-Right are Bureau County Women’s Committee representative Beth Schultz, Walnut Food Pantry members Deanna Wilt, Stacy Gonigam, Linda Carr, Mary Joe Gothard, Carla Kerr, Janet Heidenreich and Young Leader Chair Gracelynn Dale.