Internship Wrap Up by Katie Smith

Cutline:  Bureau County Farm Bureau Foundation summer intern, Katie Smith, visited 11 libraries and spoke to 103 children.  During her presentations she spoke about the many products of agriculture and how they play a part in our lives.


I really have had the opportunity to do anything and everything this summer as the Bureau County Farm Bureau Intern. From helping with the Summer Ag Institute for teachers, to going around to numerous libraries in the county, to assisting with things in the office, I had something new to do every day.

Right away I started off the summer attending the Illinois Farm Bureau Intern Day at the state office. It was really interesting to meet people that work at the state office as well as meet the other interns my age and learn more about Farm Bureau at the state level. The following week we kicked off the Summer Ag Institute for teachers. I enjoyed going on the different tours with them and learning about the agricultural businesses and history we have in Bureau, Lee, and Whiteside counties.

One of my favorite parts of the summer was going back to the Bureau County 4-H fair to run the Barnyard Games. I remember how much fun I had participating in them when I was younger, and I was able to try some new games with them this year, such as stick horse barrel racing, that they seemed to enjoy. I also really enjoyed putting on my library program and seeing how excited the kids were to answer my questions and share what they have learned about agriculture. I was able to visit 11 libraries across the county and taught over 100 kids about popcorn and other items that we would not be able to have without agriculture.

Throughout the summer, I have been able to help with numerous press releases and proofreading for past events. This taught me even more about the many different things that the county Farm Bureau does. I also had the opportunity to write a few articles of my own, and I know these experiences will greatly benefit me as an Agricultural Communications major.

This internship has been even better than I had hoped it would be, and I would like to thank Jill and the Bureau County Farm Bureau Board for allowing me to have this opportunity. I definitely see the Farm Bureau playing an important role in my future!