Young Leaders Advance to State Discussion Meet

Pictured are this year’s District 4 Discussion Meet participants.  Front row (left to right) – Donna Klostermann (Bureau County,) Alexa Jacobs (Bureau County,) Heather Kiner (LaSalle County) Back row:  Kye Witek (Lee County,) Bryan Temple (LaSalle County,) Donnie Miller (LaSalle County,) and Evan Quinn (Lee County.)


Two Bureau County Young Leaders took part in the District 4 YL Discussion Meet in Ottawa on Monday, July 29th.  Seven Young Leaders in all took part in the event.

The Discussion Meet, sponsored by the IFB Young Leader Committee, is an exchange of ideas and information, about a particular topic, in which contestants must analyze problems and determine logical solutions.

The purpose is to provide young Farm Bureau members involved with agriculture the opportunity to develop their skills in basic discussion techniques.  Other objectives are:

  • To improve the ability of the contestants to analyze problems and determine logical solutions.
  • To allow contestants to gain an appreciation of the value of thinking and working in groups.
  • To provide a current topic which stimulates motivation for continued involvement in Farm Bureau.
  • To stimulate logical thinking and a desire to seek accurate information.
  • To help in learning to criticize constructively and accept the same in the right spirit.


This year’s district discussion topics focused on “How to beneficially integrate modern agriculture with cell-based food products and other future food technologies” and “How to develop, invest and commercialize to innovate new uses of agricultural products to benefit all of agriculture”.

The three participants selected to advance to the state meet sponsored by the Illinois Farm Bureau Young Leaders in December are Kye Witek and Evan Quinn from Lee County and Alexa Jacobs from Bureau County.  Donna Klostermann, also of Bureau County was chosen to be an alternate.  We congratulate all the participants on a great contest and wish the 3 state finalists the best of luck in Chicago at the IAA Annual Meeting.