AG Literacy

Our Ag Literacy Task Force is in charge of our ag literacy programs throughout the county. The task force works hand-in-hand with the Ag literacy coordinator on program ideas, finding resources, and volunteers involved help out when they can. This year the Task Force completed 33 different programs and activities. Some examples of these activities include- student educational and promotional efforts, health and safety programs, first responder trainings and more. This task force is instrumental in combining efforts from businesses and commodity organizations outside of Farm Bureau in order to assure that we are all working together for one similar goal. One of the most outstanding projects is our countywide Ag Fair. Our Ag Fair is for all the 4th graders in the county, where over 350 students spend the day learning about agriculture and how it relates to their daily lives. Another program is our Ag in the Classroom visits which include presentations to all grade levels by request with specific seminars designated for each month around the county. This program is an outstanding tool, here are the numbers to prove it. Last year alone: 9,647 students were reached, 610 teachers were contacted directly, and 552 programs in 11 schools were held.