Government and Policy

Our Government and Policy Task Force, formerly the Legislative Committee, Local Affairs Committee and Viewpoint Committee, works with our state and national legislators on issues affecting agriculture. The task force reviews specific pieces of legislation, recommending action to the board of directors. They have continuous contact with our legislators by phone and in person to voice Farm Bureau’s concerns. This year the Task Force completed 35 different programs and activities. This group follows through on all action requests from the Illinois Farm Bureau. Currently, there are 93 FB Act Members in the county. The task force members meet annually with our county highway engineer and county road commissioners in order to look at new road projects and to work with them to improve farm-to-market truck routes. The task force has an excellent and open relationship with these men. We have worked with our county board on numerous issues. The task force has offered programs for landowners on such subjects as legislative round tables, transportation updates and Solar Farming Information. We have also been assigned an Adopted Legislator. We have visited her district and she has toured the county. We look forward to where this relationship will go next. The task force also has the responsibility of surfacing names for the Leaders to Washington trips. We encourage as many people as possible to participate in these trips and have traditionally sent one person per trip. The viewpoint process is also covered under this task force. Each year the task force members discuss policy concerns with local members and in return discuss the opportunities with the board. Board members are asked at each meeting to discuss concerns brought forth by members around the county. This is truly a grassroots effort.